RTT-7120 - Shown Here with RTT-4444 4-Way Forklist Pallet (sold separately)

Rhino Tuff Tanks Portable DEF - Chemical tanks

allow you to transport and dispense fluids, including DEF and a wide variety of other chemicals safely within a closed system unit. Dispensing equipment is protected from environmental conditions with the lockable hinged lid.

Closed DEF System Includes:
(A)  Lockable Lid for Security
(B)  SS Automatic Shut Off Nozzle with Swivel and Nozzle Support
(C)  12-Volt DEF Pump (7-9 GPM)
(D)  Poly RSV Inlet and Outlet Valve with Tamper Evident Zip Tie
(E)  3/4" x 20' Dispensing Hose
(F)  Molded-In Tie Down Corners for Secure Strapping
(G)  Semi-Transparent Tank with Integrated Volume Level Indicators - See Exact Fluid Level

Model Number Description Empty Weight Assembled Dimensions
(L x W x H)
RTT-7080 80 Gallon Portable DEF System 105 LBS 36" L x 36" W x 27" H
RTT-7120 120 Gallon Portable DEF System 125 LBS 36" L x 36" W x 36" H

Portable DEF System Accessories

  • RTT-4444 4-Way Fork Lift Pallet


    4-Way Fork Lift Pallet

    33 LBS
    Outside Dimensions:
    40-3/8" L x 40-3/8" W x 10" H
    (Adds 6-1/2" to overall height)
  • RTT-7030 In-Line Meter


    In-Line Meter